Premium Quality

that humbles international standards

Being a new generation of high-end porcelain tiles, it is our ultimate priority to make sure that the quality of our tiles always exceed that of the world-famous high-end tile brands. Here is how we do it:

  • We employ a 4-step Quality Control process that starts with raw material inspection all the way to inspecting how well the tiles are packed.
  • We use glaze with premium quality from Spain and Taiwan.
  • We use highly advanced press machines that apply up to 7,200 tons of pressure, which results in the Breaking Strength of twice as high as the ISO requirements.
  • We constantly run quality checks both at government and private laboratories, and keep presenting our results to our customers.

Technical Features

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Properties Test Method.   Required Standards Muzzi Results
Length.  EN ISO 10545-2 ±0.6% -0.05%-0.03%
±2.00mm -0.6mm ~ -0.3mm
Width. EN ISO 10545-2 ±0.6% -0.02%~0.01%
±2.00mm -0.1mm~0.1mm
Thickness. EN ISO 10545-2 ±5% -0.1%~0.9%
±0.5mm 0~0.1mm
Physical Properties
Water Absorption.  EN ISO 10545-3 <0.05% 0.06%
Breaking Strength, Newtons(N).  EN ISO 10545-4 >1300 3117
Modulus Of Rapture (N/mm2). EN ISO 10545-4 Minimum 35 48.2
Abrasion Resistance EN ISO 10545-7 Report Abrasion Class Class 4
Report Cycles Passed 2,100
Thermal Shock Resistance. EN ISO 10545-9 Pass Fully Resistant
Crazing Resistance: glazed tiles EN ISO 10545-11 Pass Fully Resistant
Frost Resistance. EN ISO 10545-12 Pass Fully Resistant
Slipperiness. DIN 51130 Declared Value R9, R10 R11
Reaction to fire CWT Class A1 or A1 FL A1 When used for walls;
A1 FL when used for floors
Chemical Properties
Resistance to Staining. EN ISO 10545-14 Class 3 Class 5
Resistance to Chemicals. EN ISO 10545-13 Class B Class A